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Core International Ltd. was formed in Dhaka in the year of 1998 with a focus on promoting of Bangladesh Origin Frozen Seafood products for world market. In 1999 we started buying of Frozen Shrimp products to Germany and Canada having joint collaboration with one Indian seafood buying company. Since then, we expanded our business to the USA, Russia and Europe.

In the year of 2006, we also started export of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits to Middle East countries for various Chain Supermarkets to meet up the wide demand.

We handle over 1500MT of Processed Frozen Seafood and about 1000MT of Processed Fresh Vegetables in a year usually.

With over 16 years of experience we provide the highest standard of service to our overseas customers, in terms of timely information on market for procurement of right products at the right time with competitive price.

Core International Ltd. stands on the highest integrity and honesty for quality products and meets up longstanding relationships.


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